Friday, 18 April 2014

Not Really a Recipe #2…Good Friday Lunch

As I'm sure you all know, Good Friday, one of the holiest day of the year, we are not supposed to have any meat products. Growing up, we usually had linguine with vongole or mussels. Nothing too fancy but I always looked forward to it. Things have changed a bit because my husband AND brother-in-law both don't like fish. Except tuna fish…in a can. Not fresh tuna. Go figure. Anyway I needed a quick lunch today so I decided to make tuna melts.

Now growing up, we NEVER mixed seafood and dairy. It just wasn't done. Things have changed a lot since. You see more and more people, especially Italians, mixing the two.

I think I made my first tuna melt last year after seeing them everywhere and knowing John loved them. I have to say, they are delicious! I make mine open faced because I like the bread to tuna ratio. I also love these made on crostini as an appetizer. Yummy!

So if you, like me, have never mixed seafood and dairy, You MUST try this! And who knows?  You might experiment with other seafood/dairy recipes.

Preheat oven to broil.
Toast a nice piece of wholegrain bread until nicely browned.
Using tuna in olive oil, drain and add a little mayo. You don't want to drench it, just enough to bind it together.
Spread the tuna mixture on top and top with your choice of cheese. I used cheddar cheese this time, but you can use whatever melty cheese you prefer.
Put under the broiled until the cheese bubbles.


Have a Happy Easter!

m xo

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