Monday, 5 May 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Brooklyn

Any excuse to eat Mexican, I'm in. I could eat it almost everyday. And Margarita's, well, who needs an excuse for those.

I happen to be in NYC for this Cinco de Mayo and there is a fabulous Mexican restaurant down in Dumbo that we love called Gran Electrica. It's hip. It's cool. Maybe a little hipster (not that we are). And the food is really good.

John had the house Margarita, which is good. I had the Margarita de Pepino made with cucumber-cilantro juice, which was amazing!!

I  ordered the fish tacos and John had the carnitas tacos.

Where ever you are this Cinco de Mayo, hope you enjoy it. The food is important but the company is even more important.

m xo

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